Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to install N7000XXLA1

Faster, better touch and better battery usage.

Download  N7000XXLA1_N7000OXALA1_OXA.rar  here

Check out image above for file selections and check-box.

  1. Set your phone to download mode (home+volumne down+power button)
  2. Connect you phone to PC USB port
  3. Wait until ID COM come out. Means you are connected.
  4. Click [Start]. Sit back and relax.
  5. Once completed and restart, Remove your USB cable and start configure your phone.
 Updated to LA1

 Default pages. Your previous apps WIPE OUT
Your application data folder intact. It's not deleted. Next: Install Apps.

Click on your Market and select My Apps. Google will auto install previously installed apps. :)

I don't have titanium backup. Google have think about it. Flashing new firmware and Google clouds/market will be ready to re-install apps.

I'm lucky because I have 5MB line at home (UNIFI). No problem re-download all the apps again. If you don't have good network connection, Titanium backup is a must!

-You have to configure each apps again :(
-Login to facebook, twitter, evernote, google+, email clients and etc


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