Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zenus Galaxy Note case

Just get my Galaxy Note Zenus case

Simple package in a box from Korea.
 In a plastic wrap

Zenus in a box
Dis-join the case
Join the case
Case back. Complete hole for the SPen and charging.

Standing...Speaker hole make it louder :)

 Standing mode

 Nicely cover the volume button
and the power button

Completely back covered and save. Adding 2mm thick back, left, right and front. If you are facing down the phone, the glass won;t touch the table directly. There is 2mm gap.

The hard plastic material really make it a proper shield but if your hand dry it might slip.

While sliding in the case, if there is sand or dirt trap, it might scratch the phone back and worse case the camera lense.

It will cost you USD 30.18

I purchase it here


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    how much u bought it? link?

  2. USD 30.18

    I purchase it here

  3. Cik Wa10:26 AM


    I'd like to share with you this video (youtube) on leather case for galaxy note designed by jacklyn (korea)

    *Cik Wa*

  4. Anyone knows if this zenus cover is sold anywhere in Singapore?

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