Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Must have apps on your android phone

As a normal android user and my hobby is reading. On the first page there are my favorites applications. Became an habit to read during breakfast time and while RED traffic light.Reading currents, twitter and Facebook.

On this page most of it using cloud services to store it's information. That why I'm not worry to flash new firmware. I just need to login back and have minor configurations.

 Current sync configurations
Set to WiFi only. And it's will download while you are charging and sleeping at home. You could download all and could read it offline to save data usage (see Trending setup).

My photo auto upload by Google+. This is the setting for photo auto upload

Smooth calendar to show daily appointment with transparent setting.

Smooth calendar can show Malaysia Holiday as well.

Task reminder with Taskos. Integrate with Google Task. Previously I'm using Gtasks.

Personal info kept inside Evernote such as you Bank acct no, Employee#, Income Tax#, Kids Personal Identity#, etc.

I have SMSBackup by Christoph Studer installed to auto backup my SMS to GMail SMS folder. It's auto save to GMail when it received. Go back to GMail SMS folder and all your message stored there. I have more than one thousands message saved there since 2009 (When I start using android).
Make sure use your Google account as you default contacts and calendar.

All using Cloud services. No worry. All data will be back to normal once login, even after phone formatted or getting new phone :)

I have two home page only. My frequent usage apps :)

What's your favorite apps??


  1. Ni mesti dah root kn... Sebab kurang je aplikasi dkt dekstop tu.. Hehe

  2. yang calendar tu dia sync dengan google calendar dak?

    sbb google calendar dekat dalam pc boleh tgk malaysian holiday calendar..tapi dalam henset takdak pon..

    lagi satu..google current tak berhenti sync..tu yg rasa tak best skit bila pakai..itu jaa..nice sharing.

  3. Try SMS Backup & Restore. It backups to a .xml file and you can restore messages by contacts.


  4. Myvitrd: desktop boleh add/remove.. drawer jugak boleh install and uninstall.

    1. calendar tu mmg set to google calendar.
    2. tengok calendar setting..boleh masukkan malaysian holiday jugak.
    3. google current jugak boleh setup sync.. set to wifi only untuk semua dan set 24 jam...dan sync bila cucuk letrik saja.... selamattttt

    Hugo Narciso: I would like to auto backup to my gmail. It will be more save. You don't have to worry either your phone/sd card corrupt. Its auto backup when received new message.

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