Saturday, January 07, 2012

Unifi D-Link setup

I have Wifi problem before where I had more than 5 devices connected to my unifi router. When new device coming in, it's fail to connect. It's happen to my Samsung Galaxy s and Galaxy Note..but not to notebook and iPhone 3GS.

I had been advised by TMNet call center and XDA forumer to play with the channel and security setting. After a few try, now I don't have the problem anymore. Here is the screen and hope could help your wifi problem.

Login to unifi.

Wireless Setup > Manual Wireless connection setup
Check out the Channel. Set to 9 or 11. Then check out WPA2 setup as well.

If you are using Unifi black TMRnd router, check out advanced wireless.
(Thank firestonez from

DHCP enable.

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  1. You are doing job and this post is really helpful. is it every d-link router
    have different configuration setting according to model @ techsupportrouter .