Saturday, January 07, 2012

Unifi D-Link setup

I have Wifi problem before where I had more than 5 devices connected to my unifi router. When new device coming in, it's fail to connect. It's happen to my Samsung Galaxy s and Galaxy Note..but not to notebook and iPhone 3GS.

I had been advised by TMNet call center and XDA forumer to play with the channel and security setting. After a few try, now I don't have the problem anymore. Here is the screen and hope could help your wifi problem.

Login to unifi.

Wireless Setup > Manual Wireless connection setup
Check out the Channel. Set to 9 or 11. Then check out WPA2 setup as well.

If you are using Unifi black TMRnd router, check out advanced wireless.
(Thank firestonez from

DHCP enable.


  1. You are doing job and this post is really helpful. is it every d-link router
    have different configuration setting according to model @ techsupportrouter .

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