Saturday, January 07, 2012

Waiting for Zenus Case for Galaxy Note

Just bought it for USD30.18 including shipping. The cheapest shipping with 14-20 days delivery.
Credit card confirmation on SMS.

An email confirmation.

You can find collections of Zenus case here

It called Zenus Skin Air Jacket

Full description

The Zenus Color Capsule Slide Standing Air Jacket case for Samsung Galaxy Note is made of polycarbonate (hard resin) with interior rubber guardrails to protect your mobile from scratches. This two-piece slide-on case features an integrated kickstand on the back, allowing you to view your media at a confortable angle.
The Color Capsule Slide Standing Air Jacket offers a perfect fit for your Galaxy Note, protecting it entirely, and has all the cut-outs for the camera, the headphone jack, charging port and volume controls.
  • Designed for Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Slide-on polycarbonate case
  • Integrated aluminum kickstand
  • Interior rubber guardrails
  • Easy access to all controls and ports
1 x Zenus Color Capsule Slide Standing Air Jacket


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