Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How to install N7000XXKL8

Android: 2.3.6
Date: 2011 December
Remarks: Open Europe

Download N7000XXKL8 here

How to install?

Download ODIN
Set your phone to download mode and check out the screen above to start flashing it.

So far I don't see much different from XXKL7, but the S-Pen seems like more accurate and smooth. It's maintain it's good speed and smoothness, battery saving and stable.

I don't have problem purchasing from the market. Just bought iQuran Pro with no problem.

Some custom rom have problem with latest market. Be careful.

-For the time being there is no straight forward method to root this firmware
-This ROM will WIPE your phone, but data will not lost. 
-ROOT and CWM will be gone
-You may restore your app using Google restore. I tried this option and all my downloaded apps downloaded again without have to select one by one.

This option will let you re-store your previous installed apps after update firmware.

Happy Flashing again until ICS coming...... :)

When ICS come, we just load stock ROM base on our region and wait for the OTA or KIES update.


  1. What's up with this version ?

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    What is Google restore?