Thursday, January 19, 2012

New firmware for GT-N7000. N7000XXLA4

Again. New firmware for GT-N7000. XXLA4 means and upgrade of XXLA3. For sure there are updates or bugs fixing in it.

Model: GT-N7000
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBADBT
Modified: 2012-01-13
HIDSWVER: N7000XXLA4 / N7000OXALA4 / N7000XXLA4 / N7000XXLA4
CRC: 4056522162

Strange thing is, it's Country/Carrier is Germany NOT Open Europe.

Download here

I will blog how to install it later. Now downloading.

Reason to upgrade:
Very good review and improvement in this firmware.

  1. The wifi connection is much more stable and connects faster to known hotspots.
  2. The signal strength has improved.
  3. The lag that was evident has been reduced substantially.
  4. The phone reboots much faster and unlocks faster.
  5. Apps like Whatsapp work much better than before without lag.
  6. Battery life has been about the same.
  7. The touch is now more responsive than before as well as scrolling vertically.
  8. The stock browser is a lot faster.
  9. Has not crashed since update (yet).
  10. Phone seems zippier generally in scrolling and some apps.
  11. Wallpaper issues i had with live wallpapers freezing and crashing and rebooting phone seem to have gone now.
  12. Stock file browser seems zippier too and gives me the 'processing' overlay for a lot less time or it almost instantly disappears (but still there).
  13. Stock video player which was unusable earlier is usable now and no longer freezing or forceclosing
  14. New phone icon on the bottom right. Who asked Samsung to change the old one?
  15. New lock screen animation. Who complained about the last one?
  16. New call icon at logs call
  17. Speed of the phone: This build is FAST. I haven't had one slow down yet! For example, in Whatsapp I've always had it load up and for every contact I have a picture. In my last build, I could see the list come up, but then every contact picture would load (and it took less than a second, but I could see the process go from no picture --> loading one by one, very quickly). Now they're all loaded instantly. No waiting. Applications start VERY fast, but I guess there is still some slowdown. Unlocking my phone is even faster than before. I believe the distance you have to drag (or maybe speed in which to move) has been reduced in turn reducing time to unlock.
  18. Touch screen sensitivity:I find the screen sensitivity just fine. Very sensitive to be honest.

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  1. thank u bro..

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    can u show the screen every update firmware ? i mean screenshot what is new stuf has been put there .

    tq for making this blog ...

  3. Anonymous11:36 PM


  4. hi can be use for asia pacific region?

  5. problem. im using it for more than a month with no problem..

  6. Baru je lepas upgrade tadi

  7. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Small overall improvements, performance and smoothness is noticably improved. Browser as well. Better stability as well so far with animated wallpaper when exiting large apps which previously caused almost restart loading all widgets etc from scratch.


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