Friday, January 20, 2012

How to install N7000XXLA4

Would like to install latest ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note? N7000XXLA4 / XXLA4

Download N7000XXLA4 here

Once you download it, there are two files inside
1. N7000XXLA4_N7000OXALA4_N7000XXLA4_HOME.tar.md5
2. SS_DL.dll (Flash via ODIN Ignore this file)

Have CRC problem? This is what I did. Using IZArc I convert the "zip" file to "7z" file format.

Unzip "N7000XXLA4_N7000OXALA4_DBT.7z". You should be able to extract it :)

How to install it?

1. Run ODIN
2. Select TAR/MD5 file. See image below

3. Just fill in PDA. The rest leave it blank.... Connect your phone to PC and waits for COM Port connection.
4. Click [Start] button. Sit back and relax.
5. Once restart. Remove USB cable. DONE

Good News. It's a NO WIPE version. Your phone data and configuration just like before flashing it. No data or application restore required.


If you already rooted and would like to upgrade to LA4. Download here. You need to flash it via Mobile Odin.

Continue reading CF-ROOT for Galaxy Note here


  1. i can flash on top of any versions or just LA3?

  2. This seems like you need a complete base. Good to have LA3 before flashing LA4. LA4 just an upgrade.

    LA3 is re-partition and have complete 3 files.

  3. yup..need to flash LA3 1st..mine just made wrong and need to flash back..

  4. no prob..thanks to the admin too, really love ur website!!

  5. I am on DXLA1 at the moment, would there be any problems flashing with XALA4 rom? Is there a difference between XXLA4 and XALA4? The download link says XALA4, not XXLA4.Thanks

  6. Look for the front code only. XXLA4 for Europe version.

    DXLA1 is for Malaysia.

    I'm using Europe version with no problem since SGS I9000.

    I had used Hong Kong version as well with no problem

  7. hy, is this update working only if phone is rooted?
    If i update with N7000XXLA4 i will lose my warranty?

  8. You could be eligible to get a Galaxy S8 Mobile.