Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to install N7000XXLA3

You are tired of custom ROM problems? Install this LA3 the fastest, smooth and most important stable and no battery heat.

How to install N7000XXLA3 Android version 2.3.6 Open Europe version

Download N7000XXLA3_N7000OXALA3_OXA.rar here

Run ODIN and select file as in the image above. Re-Partition checked.

Your phone will be wiped. Need to re-install all the apps (Google restore). That why we need to save our info in the clouds such as Google contacts, calendar, evernote, colornote, etc...


Improvements in XXLA3 Firmware:
  • Touch response has been improved,
  • Overall user experience is much more fluid than before

Additional running services left overnight with 1-5% battery usage. Reasonable amount of battery usage with the running services.

Antutu score. Stock LA3


  1. pokcik ayah saya nak beli galaxy note this week. dia guna bb sebelum ni so dia mntak tlg skit2 pasal android. ada rom2 yang bagus or kernel yg stabil x utk note?

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

  3. just flash with latest kernel...LA4..LA3 pun ok

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