Friday, November 11, 2011

Galaxy Note Screens

This is Malaysia Version...
5 icons in a row by;s big space
Last screen I have ShootMe only (not in the photo above)

FREE cover. Front cover stick to the back cover. It's thin and nice... Original back cover you could keep as backup. It's should be inside the box..


  1. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Bro,Just want to check with you...Did the seller provide the flip cover out of the box or thr flip cover is already attached together inside the sealed box?If possible i want to buy a virgin set without the sticker being tampered first.Thanks.

  2. it's attached together inside the sealed box and fit to your phone.

    original cover removed and it's inside as well.

  3. Anonymous5:50 AM

    No NFC - great disappointment for me.

  4. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Thanks,Jamain...for the info.There are unscrupulous sellers around town who exploited the free gift thing.The seller would open up the seal and took out the flip cover and sell seperately.I am avoiding this route,thanks to you....

  5. Anonymous4:18 PM

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