Wednesday, November 23, 2011

N7000: How to ROOT N7000ZSKK1

My current ROM state. N7000ZSKK1 (Hong Kong version 2.3.6).

and now it's rooted.
How do I ROOT it?
I'm using the same technique as before where I root my DXKK1. zergRUSH is the way to ROOT. Clean and safest way. You will taste ZSKK1 as it is with SU and Busybox ADDED. Now I can installed and run root required apps...

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  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    u just need to place the zImage file? thats it?

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    sory bro..confiusing between root n flash

  3. kalau dah masuk zskk1...nak root guna zergRUSH... tak perlu zImage. zergRUSH akan inject SU+Busybox... itulah ROOT namanya..

  4. kalau nak masukkan CWM baru guna zImage...guna InitialCFRootFlasher tu.... kena spesific kernel...jangan silap plak..

    kalau KK1 cari zImage KK1 kat CF-Root... jangan ambil kat lain plak..

  5. flash= masukkan apa2 kernel/rom

    root= masukkan SU+Busybox ke dalam current kernel

    lepas flash...baru la inject root... zergRUSH root so far the best tool to root...dia inject to current kernel.