Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mobile ODIN is OUT (Chainfire)

Your device must be rooted to be able to use Mobile ODIN !

Currently supported devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
- Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
- Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 *NEW*
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" GT-P1000 *NEW*

What's is Mobile ODIN?
  • CWM zips are used to flash custom ROMs
  • This is to flash stock firmwares (and optionally root them on-the-fly)
  • CWM flashes CWM Zip roms, this can flash official (or ODIN-format) tar and md5 files
  • Lite doesn't root during flash.
  • It won't increase the binary counter

Download Mobile ODIN Lite
I don't have CWM..It's offer for installation... cool...

It's detect my Galaxy Note....yes
DONE. Mobile Odin Installed

Two applications installed. Mobile ODIN FlashKernel N7000 is the add on for Mobile Lite.
Click [Open file] to select TAR file.. happy FLASHING and ROOTING...

TAR File:
Download DXKK1 (DX = Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam)

It's mean if new leak ROM available for download, we just need to copy the TAR file into mobile, Mobile ODIN will load it and keep it ROOTED.

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