Saturday, November 05, 2011

Semaphore get updated again JVT 1.9.0

Installing this means your I9000 will be rooted. Superuser installed.

Semaphore JVT 1.9.0 (23/11/2011)
- cpu frequency transition latency 10000
- restore DVFS locks introduced on newmail's patch
- fixed clean busybox script
- minor updates to scripts

Semaphore JVT 1.8.2
- fixed smartassV2 issue when overclocking
- script ordering

Download here:

Semaphore JVT 1.9.0
Semaphore JVT 1.8.2
Semaphore JVT 1.8.2bm (breaks 720 video recording)

Install via ODIN v1.3 OR ODIN v1.8.2

Note: Remember to set your phone in Download Mode before connect the USB

Note: uv 25mv for 1200 mhz works perfect.


- Voodoo Sound v10
- Voodoo Color
- OC/UV (1200MHz, 1300MHz)
- Speedmod color fix
- Patched with the latest Samsung kernel sources.
- JVT initramfs
- compiled with Linaro GCC 4.6 toolchain
- O3 and other compiler optimizations
- 336 MB available RAM (352 bigmem versions - it breaks 720 video recording)
- Reworked cpufreq driver. cpu states 100-200-400-800-1000/1200/1300.
- Bundled with Semaphore Script Manager to v0.51
- Superuser application v3.0.6
- su binary v3.0.3
- Governor ondemand (default)
- Governor conservative (module)
- Governor smartassV2 (module)
- Noop I/O scheduler (default)
- Deadline I/O Scheduler (module)
- Simple I/O Scheduler (module)
- Netfilter (iptables) as modules
- CIFS as module
- TUN as module
- Logcat disabled (as module only)
- cpufreq statistics as module (is loaded by default)
- Standard network packet scheduler
- Kernel log buffer size 4KB (from 128KB)
- deleting boot sounds procedure creates backup on /data/local
- increase light sensor polling to 1s
- Battery polling to 60 seconds
- jhash3
- No debug info
- TinyRCU
- HZ=256
- CPU frequency on stock music player when screen off to 400 MHz
- /system/etc/init.d directory creation if not exist
- Custom boot animation
- HM.Cardide's Addon scripts.
- VM dirty chainfire's tweak as script
- Kernel scheduler tweak as script
- noatime chainfire's tweak by default
- OC test scripts to 1200MHz, 1300MHz (Script Manager)
- Script to change /cache to virtual 50MB (in case you want to download apps > 30MB from Market)
Make sure to disable this option before convert to ext4. You may enable this after the conversion

Run Semaphore Script Manager to configure [optional]
Overclocking: 1200
Governors: SmartassV2
Netfilter ON for tethering

Overclocking: 1200

Result: Smoother and still most stable and good battery life.

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  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    mana link nye pok cik??

  2. tq. updated

  3. this kernel rocks! sye guna ondemand+noop je... dh try smartassv2+sio xbrape smooth home transition n else... i dunno why =S ondemand+sio pn serupa... bro guna setting yg mna?

  4. see screen above for my current setting.. try to overclock and see the battery life.. if shorter battery life will revert back to normal.. 1000

  5. I'm with JVT stock + EXT4 + Semaphore 1.8.2bm.

    I've been using it since publication. Very stable and fast.

    I'm OC @ 1200, battery life is "unbelievable" long :).

    I recommend it to everyone.

    Great work with the blog pal, go on!

  6. thanks. might try to convert to ext4

  7. bryant12:59 AM

    If oc..will it hurt the battery?

  8. is stock dpi 240?if not, how to change in semaphore?

  9. Oc of course will required more battery...

    Aiman: you are on gingerbread.just load semaphore via odin as above.

  10. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I've been using 2.3.5 JVT stock + the 1.8.2 semaphore kernel and I'm very satisfied with the results. Coming from 2.3.3 + the Vodafone customizations, I can say the that the difference is significant in terms of responsiveness and stability. Thank you for your work!

    There is, however, a small quirk: whenever I turn off the screen using the power button the whole screen first gets green and then it turns off. It's just for a fraction of a second, but it's noticeable. I don't know if this comes from JVT or from the semaphore kernel, though.

    Have you noticed this? Do you know what could cause this?

  11. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Oh, I've found the question in the Semaphore FAQ:
    Q: When the screen goes off, a green flash appears. What is wrong?

    A: This is a side effect of Voodoo Color. As a workaround, try to reset to default the settings related to color in Voodoo Control application or increase the gamma values.

    I'll play with Voodoo Control, let's see.

  12. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I can confirm that tweaking the gamma values eliminates the green flashing (0,0,0 -- 2.3.3 defaults). However I prefer the Voodoo defaults (-14,-17,-18). So here's the dilemma.

  13. Seng Wai2:36 PM

    complete flash of this JVT 1.9.0
    configure to 1300Mhz + EXT4 + Virtual Cache 50MB

    previously on JVS 1.7.5 with 1200Mhz + EXT4
    (superb performance but bad battery life)
    I have to use JuiceDefender to stay for whole day.

    Now i uninstall Juicedefender and check how long it can last.

  14. Seng Wai3:00 PM

    keep crashing if use 1300Mhz...

  15. With lagfix enable.OC not required.
    OC will always eating your battery.

  16. Anonymous2:14 AM

    I am using the CF-Root and changed to ext4 on my i9000. When flashing this, should I change back to rfs first? And does it overwrite everything including my data?


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