Friday, November 11, 2011

iCloud vs Google Services

I just find out that on my Windows 7 Open Network and Sharing center there is iCloud options. This is what OTA (Over The Air) update called in Android... iCloud using WiFi connection to update between the phone and iCloud... until now we don't have OTA activate for 2.3.5 users (Malaysia).... mmmmmm

Nicely presented on the windows configurations. Just nice component to back-up over the cloud.

Comparing Apple to Google Cloud Services

  • Mail with Outlook= GMail
  • Contacts with Outlook= Google Contacts
  • Calendar and Tasks= Google Calendar and Google Task
  • Bookmarks=???
  • Photo Stream= PicasaWeb
Google just need an integrated services configurations either on the PC or Web. Currently we have to go to different sites to configure our cloud with Google....


  1. With Google's initiative on converting all their sites with G+ interface, you can access to most Google's services from the black bar. That is the way Google is bringing all the services together.