Wednesday, November 23, 2011

N7000ZSKK1: Battery Percentage

Simple battery percentage cooked at UOT kitchen for ZSKK1.

To cook the notification bar on your own, you need three ZSKK1 files to be uploaded to UOT
  1. "framework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
  2. "twframework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
  3. "SystemUI.apk" in system/app/

Battery %|
If you like it, download this Kitchen 01 (Picture above using this!)

GPS|WiFi|3G|Battery %|Alarm

Kitchen 02


Kitchen 03 (Flash and see it your self...if you are curious to know... :)

Kitchen 04-battery percentage only!

Copy ZIP file into your internal SDCARD and flash it using CWM Recovery

Reboot recovery and select ZIP file to flash.... happy battery and status bar :)



  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Hi there..i flashed the zip file via cwm but nothing change after reboot..then i lost all my above icon..pls help

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    yes ok hk 2.3.6 zskk1 firmware.

    do i need to copy below file before i flash the zip via cwm?

    "framework-res.apk" and "twframework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
    "SystemUI.apk" in system/app/

  3. Are cooking your own? If yes. UOT kitchen required that 3 files to generate custom notification bar.

    If you are downloading zip file above. Just flash via recovery..

  4. Hi JJ
    Just curious do you have those "kitchen" made for SGSI9000?


  5. thanks alot bro
    just flash the battery only..
    very the niceee

  6. Davie. I dont cool SGSI9000 theme since there are a few theme available for download by searching at xda... might consider cook I9000 for JVT and JVU version....

    To cook SGSI9000 the same procedure required. just upload 3 files and select theme...submit..wait for the result... :)

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    hi can i get back to the stock battery icon after flashing the battery percentage only using cwm recovery ? if can , how can i do it ? thanks

  8. backup before flashing via cwm (stock battery icon).

    flash battery %

    Restore, if wanna go back to previous state.
    That's the idea of backup before flash.

  9. Anonymous12:33 PM

    ok already backup via cwm. But just want to ask the cwm back up is to back up stock icon only ? what else does it back up ? I have also back up via titanium backup, but that is for apps only right ? thanks

  10. cwm backup ALL (apps, data, OS). something like PC image/ghost.

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    ok thanks . Btw I have managed to cook the battery percentage only from uot kitchen, however if I wanted to change to another custom battery percentage through cooking again, can I just copy the new ZIP file into my phone and just flash through cwm recovery again ? Or do I need to delete the old custom battery percentage first ? thanks

  12. cook zip file and will have new UI...all previous setting will set back to stock.

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  14. it gives me an error when trying to flash from cmw recovery