Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Support, Smooth, Fast and Stable ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Are you still looking for best Support, Smooth, Fast and Stable ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000? Look no more. Download and try Sweet ROM V10 LT9 4.1.2

I have been using from TW, CM, AOKP and AOSP base custom rom. There are pros and cons but so far if you would like to fully use your Galaxy Note S-Pen with fast and stable custom rom, SWEET ROM is the answer.

Good ROM support is what you need. A few theme selection and many more...

Sweet v10 with White Settings.. download here

Make sure rename your secsettings.apk in preload/symlink/system/app to secsettings.apk.bak before you flash. If you had flashed it, get the original here

Enjoy the screen shots below....
 Internet monitoring
 Do NOT Sync Picasa Web Albums if your gallery slow loading due to many pictures in Picasa.

 Not bad....1.3GB FREE space
 Disable samsung apps/services manually...
 Most of it, I don't use.
 Just nice running services...
 Application drawer...
 24 Toggles.... check out the options to put on your notification area..

This are my frequent use functions.
 White icons on transparent status bar.. S4 style

Uploading status and speed...

Looking for ADOBE Flash Player plugin? Find it here. You may use Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives.
I'm using this

This is what Rambo said about the ROM..... baeeeek punyo... it's mean.. Sooooooo Gooooood.. :)

Battery life?
I know you are going to ask about the battery.... I will log it here.. but remember battery life base on your usage and background process such as widget, live wallpaper, sync, etc... check out your application running.

The more frequent you do sync (google mail, calendar, contacts, google+, evernote, email pop3, exchange, picasaweb, widget, etc..) the more battery usage.. It will drain your battery.

 Not bad.. near 3 hours screen on 2nd day usage... let it settle down more and more cache..

After 12 hours...just nice for working guy....

More batteries.....

Latest Theme...
Lock screen with hidden status bar...

Continue reading here....


  1. Tuan, sy dh cuba bnyk kali tapi sangkut masa nk tukar kernel tu..xjadi..bleh x tunjuk step by step

  2. salam bos... dapat cari tak air command macam kat note 3. nak letak kat note 1..

    1. baru keluar....lambat lagi nak port apk tu... tunggguuuu

  3. Abang macam mana nak guna hidden status bar di lockscreen?

    1. You are in which version? Version 10.5 it's already hidden by default :)

  4. bos,tolong bagi step by step nak install sweet rom tu

  5. Download latest 11.1 terbaru

  6. Da install V11..ok boleh tahan.appearance more to stock rom. Nanti kita lihat macam mana performance lepas pakai sebulan.hehee TQ bos

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