Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update your NUVI 3560

Are you looking to update your GARMIN NUVI 3560?
This is what I have.

Software version updated to 3.40. Download it here.
How to install?
1. Connect you GARMIN Device to PC and execute the file.
2. Follow instruction

Added custom POI

 Run Extras inside Apps

List of Automated Enforcement System (AES). Malaysia only!

AES... yes! This will alert you when you are nearing AES camera. Download it here

How to install?
1. Create a folder in your external MicroSD called "Garmin\POI"
2. Copy "MSM-Existing 14 AES.gpi" into "Garmin\POI" and reboot

Would like to update your map?

1. Malsing and MalFREE MAP Update download it here .
2. MSM 2014 NT v6.55, download it here

maps upgrade

Malsingmaps Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei NT2014.20

How to install the map to your GPS device?

Download the map installer file onto your hard drive.
For map that requires unlock code, generate the unlock code by entering the serial number of your GPS device. Please copy and save the code.
Connect your unit to a free USB port on your PC with the correct PC interface cable.
Allow your GPS device to initialize and enter USB mode.
Click the downloaded executable file to start the installation.
Follow the installer's instructions to load the maps. Some map will require the unlock code during the installation process.
To install the map in your GPS device, please remove the memory card in your GPS device and disconnect other USB devices.
How to check your map version and activate the map?

From the menu, touch Tools>Settings>Map.
Touch Map Info to view the map version and touch the box to activate or inactivate the map.
If Garmin City Navigator Singapore/Malaysia NT, Malsingmaps Malaysia/Singapore and Malfreemaps are activated, Garmin City Navigator Singapore/Malaysia NT will be set as the default map for navigation.

If the map update fails, and subsequent upload attempts prove unsuccessful, the unit may need to be returned to Garmin for service. Call Garmin at +886.2.26429199ext2 or email Garmin. You may also contact Garmin authorised dealer for product support.
Before proceeding, please back up your waypoints and route data. You may back up the data by copying the GPX files in the Garmin disk to your computer.

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