Sunday, November 23, 2014

Android Lollipop for GT-N7000. Updated!

YES! Samsung Galaxy Note is getting Android Lollipop. Now in ALPHA stage.

You may download it here

1. CM12 Android Lollipop for GT-N7000

Still too early for normal user and if you don't have any other phone.

The alpha 2 is very stable, no fc's or reboots!


  • adb
  • boot
  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • telephony(It locks your sim card every reboot! you need to enter your puk key! If you don`t know your PUK key do not turn on with inserted sim!)
  • display
  • touchscreen
  • stock apps
  • shutdown
  • sound
  • external sdcard
  • aosp keyboard (to get keyboard working go into settings/language & input/current keyboard and switch the slider by hardware show input method)
  • camera (but you cant take pictures because the not working internal storage card)

NOT Working:

  • mobile data (but wifi is working)
  • hardware home button (but onscreen buttons are enabled and working)
  • internal sdcard
  • root
  • no recovery (to go back to another rom you have to flash kernel/recovery or full rom with odin or heimdall)


  • copy Rom+Google Apps to SDCard
  • boot into recovery
  • factory reset
  • flash the rom and gapps zip files
  • reboot

Continue reading here .  Remember to Thanks the developer @bauner


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