Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Galaxy S II Maxis plan

Today confirm Galaxy S II plan

12 months contract (RM1599). RM50 (Value Plus) + RM58 (500MB)= RM108/monthly.

Total payout to maxis. RM1599 + (RM108X12)=RM2895 (Not bad. You got the phone and 500MB service for 12 months)

You don't need too much data plan since you will be using more when WiFi available. No downloading when on 3G. 24 months too long for gadget guys :)

  • Still considering whether to wait for Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Tablet + Phone) or take this.
  • Now I'm using SGS with 4" screen..SGS2 have 4.3" screen will not change much.. but it has a lot more. Dual core  processor and 1GB RAM. mmmmm

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