Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I9000 Galaxy S ROM Android 2.3.4 I9000XXJVQ

Check out July post. more updated 2.3.4 JVQ

Galaxy S ROM got updated again. JVQ base from JVP previous 2.3.4

I9000XXJVQ. 512.PIT. 2.3.4. 2011 June 10.CSC = I9000OXAJVQ

Android 2.3.4 JVQ Download here (Android STOCK)

Password is

Itchy hand again to flash and look what's NEW :)

- Adds stereo camera and 3D to AMOLED display
- Google video chat is working
- Auto brightness simply work buddy
- An improvement on wireless LAN connectivity
- Tested the browser, scrolling bug is gone

- HEX Differences between JVP and JVQ:
  • absolutely no change in /system/bin
  • absolutely no change in /system/etc
  • seems there are some changes in framework.jar and services.jar (services.jar being suspected for the charge bug some experience)
  • changes in /system/lib:
  • /system/app (main applications): considerable changes in:
    • Browser
    • Email
    • Gallery
    • MMS
    • SystemUI
    • Google*.apk
    • Maps
    • Swype
    • Talk
    • Voice search

    If you wanna put some ice cream and vanilla on it.. Download Here (It's DARKYROM ROOTED)

      Coming from ficeto's JVP, here is what I did:

      1. go to CWM (Make sure LagFix ENABLE)
      2. wipe device (DO NOT miss this, else your browser will force close)
      3. install ROM
      4. reboot
      5. Install SuperUser from the Market
      6. flash DC 2.8 with SGS Kernel Flasher
      7. reboot
      8. DONE!
    -It's rooted but you need to install superuser from android market


      1. salam.. nak tanya sikit, utk rom jvp u pakai modem apa ye.?? for the best, nk kene pakai modem asia ke? i.e ZSJPG, DXJV9...


      2. Just use the stock modem should not be a problem...since we are using I9000 International version.

      3. some said, for the best' they're using different modem to improve perf n batt life... any idea? i.e for asia using ZSJPG, ZSJPE..

      4. so far i'm using JVO modem with no problem... maybe I should try asian modem as well :)