Saturday, February 18, 2012

Download N7000XXLP1

Finally ICS for Galaxy Note N7000 ready for download.

Please remember that flashing your mobile phone is fully on your own risk.

If the process is interrupted (power failure, disconnected cable, software failure) your phone might be very difficult to revive.

Firmware provided as is from Samsung KIES Servers.

Model: GT-N7000   
Region: OXA   
Version: N7000XXLP1   
OS version: Android    4.0.3 (Leak)   
Release Date: 17.02.2012   
Build Date: 16-02-2012

Download N7000XXLP1
Download from Hotfile

Please use Odin Mobile the option "open file" and choose:

Correct PIT: Q1_20110914_16GB.pit
Guys if you use Odin V1.83 don't use the supplied .pit file as it is for 32GB NOTE

Comments from people installing it:
-Currently very bad comment from people installing it.
-With this leak for Europe I got back that ugly banding
-"Null" problem still here
Solution1: Mobile odin - click cache - point to 'CSC' file of downloaded rom - re-flash
Solution2: To solve null keyboard issue re-flash and use English kingdom language

-try to flash via Odin v1.87 = stuck on "hidden"
-try to flash it via Odin v1.85 = stuck on...
-try to flash it via ...v1.83 = stuck on...
-flash via Odin Desktop doesn't work!

-Odin Mobile don't find N7000 and without Odin M impossible to flash CSC for resolve "null" keyboard
-This ROM sucks. The Chinese one is much faster.
-I do not hear anything and people I call hear some heavy noise only.
Solution: turn off noise reduction
-The call sound can be fixed just enable noise cancellation
-Major problem. They cant hear you either. You can only hear them thru speaker. So no phone
-Camera is now rubbish
-Buggy and slow
-Screenshots do not work anymore. Tested pen and power + home
-MTP Is not working
-No USB Storage Working
-No Sound during call (only speakerphone mode)
-Not a daily rom !

-Please do not flash this. At other ICS thread they did and it sucks. Slow as hell. Browser crash. No sound with call. Stop!!!!!!

-Is kinda snappy but I so wish I hadn't of flashed. Getting a lot of crashes and force closes. Dunno what to do now because I can't start mobile Odin. Says device not detected

OK: has working torch, video payer, wifi, wallpaper can be changed
Not OK: no ear piece, no call sound only in speaker phone

Wifi / no . Too BAD. but some guy no prob with WIFI
3g / yes
camera / yes
facelock / yes
calling / yes
messages / yes
mailing / yes

People advice, install Chinese ICS
Note: Chinese ICS use Q1_20110914_16GB.pit


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM
    this is test version. .

    Wifi status OK
    Bluetooth status OK
    face lock OK
    In coming call OK but cant hear voice. loudspeaker ? Headset , bluetooth , cant hear. .

    We browsing super fast.
    Touchwiz very lagggg. . Some delay...

    De upgrade 2.3.6. . Tia version only test version. need wait stable until march. damn. ..

  2. salamualaik.pakcik nak pakai initialCFRoot untuk sgnote kemudian masuk zimage yg sgs2 agak2 nt boleh jalan ka dak?

  3. Sgs2 punys sure tak boleh...same model only..

  4. i first flashed xxlp1 over mobile odin.. i had n number of problems null null, no voice to the recieving party, force closes etc.
    When I flashed again through ODIN 1.87 over PC,It works perfectly now. the only prob being no voice at the other is great.
    Major advantages of this ICS over GB is there is no lagging in lock button.Now wifi works over proxy also.
    resolution is better than in GB.
    TriangleAway.apk to get rid off yellow triangle n set binary count to 0.
    if some body can fix noise at reciving end problem this is a perfect rom.

  5. yep ook geflits eerst galaxy tab 10.1 ging niet helemaal goed bleef zwart pffff toen op nieuw gedaan na heel wat problemen tog gelukt loopt nu lekker gisteren mn galaxy note geflits met odin n7000 xxlp1-3.15-cl88317 iml74k alles goed geen root toegang meer nieuwe super user geflits pakt ie niet kan wel bellen horen ze me niet ik hen wel via speaker verder werkt alles perfect weet iemand een oplossing om root te krijgen zodat ik titanium backup weer kan gebruiken en cwm moet ik anders eerst downgraden of kan ik mn nandroid backup trug zetten wat is t beste kan ik een andere rom flitsen dit is ook niks als je niet kan bellen en gebeld worden met je telefoon lol

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