Friday, February 17, 2012

Galaxy Note ICS N7000. N7000XXLP1

Galaxy Note ICS.. Really close..............Grrrrrrr...
ICS for Galaxy Note N7000XXLP1 on the way......

Start charging my phone to 100% and backup whatever required......


  1. Anonymous1:51 AM

    imma newbie to android, smartphones , custom roms and stuffs..if u wud pls tell me if there's any review about new roms and kinda a big fan of ur blog..just bought my SGN few months ago..really need guidance and all..
    peace from kampung pndan..

    1. witch phone you can get every thing i installed ics rom4.03 on my galaxy note its a litle cracky my microphone so get other one know hihihhihii lol flash flits wow

  2. peaple cant hear me wen calling i hear them over the speaker wat to do now must i down grade nandroid backup not posible or can i do this because root gone titanium backup wont work so i am stuck a litle or kan i root this thing so i kan get a better rom because its my phone nedd to phone a lot pfffff i already did mn galaxy tab 10.1 and running good so it was akking me so work fine only cant call propperly sorry for mn bad english

  3. witch phone you can get every thing here