Friday, June 29, 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Features

  • Google Voice Search and Google Now. Google Search app on Android. Google’s Knowledge Graph along with voice search to get instant spoken answers via Google. Faster than iOS Siri
  • Expandable Notifications. Android notifications are getting a lot more powerful. Users will be able to call people back, see e-mails, control music apps, e-mail upcoming meeting participants, and do other actions right in the notifications pane. Each notification can be enabled with as many as three actions. They can also be resized with a two-finger gesture.
  • Faster, Smoother, More Responsive. Improved system frame rate, triple buffering, and making everything work in lock step with vsync, which runs across all the drawings and animations. That makes rendering smoother and quicker
  • Android Beam. Ability to transfer videos and photos among devices using Android Beam and Bluetooth
  • Resizeable App Widgets. The home screen, adding some nice features like dynamically resizing widgets, so you no longer have to place it, resize it then move it to where you want if there isn't enough room

Introducing Google Now

Fast and Smooth

Hands On

  • High Resolution Contact Photos. With Android 4.1, we can finally store our contact photos at a whopping 720 x 720, allowing contact pictures to be truly beautiful. Apps can store and retrieve contact photos at that size or use any other size as needed.
  • Smart App Updates. The latest feature of Google Play introduces a better way to receive application updates on your devices. When a developer publishes an app update, Google Play now only delivers the changes bits of the application rather then the entire APK.  This makes app updates much lighter and easier on your network data. On average, a smart app update is about 1/3 the size of the full APK update.

Jelly Bean Home..

Media Gallery. Swipe left or right to scan through them all. You can delete a photo by swiping it up to the top of the screen.



Notifications center you now can return a missed call or send a messagenotifications center you now can return a missed call or send a message

Jelly Bean will be available in mid-July. Some devices - the Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Nexus S - will get it automatically as an over-the-air update. Google's new tablet computer, the Nexus 7, will also come with Jelly Bean.


  1. nice JB nie.. xsabar nak tggu update kat note.. :D

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    note tak update coz not google product , only nexus for tester , sedih tapi kenyataan

  3. july should be available. sebab JB ni ICS base...cuma nak tambah balik S-PEN je..

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