Monday, July 09, 2012

Stable, Performance, Battery. N7000ZSLPF + SpeedMod

Very Stable, Good Performance, Acceptable Battery life. N7000ZSLPF + SpeedMod

This is what I have been using for more than 1 month. STOCK + ROOTED + SPEEDMOD here

Read SpeedMod for ICS and Download it here

I have been trying many customs rom from XDA for Galaxy Note but none in stable mode. There are always force close in apps and finally deciced to cool down and back to stock + rooted + speedmod. If you love stability more than performance, I suggest you to be in this configuration.


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Bro JJ,

    I am currently on the TW ROM N7000ZSLPF and rooted as per your posting on 18/5/12.

    Can I apply this speed mod? How to proceed?

  2. you need to have mobile odin. load speed mod k3-6 using mobile odin

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Coming from Goatrip v2.1, CleaNote v2.20, CleaNote v2.30 finally I went back to stock LP9 + speedmod k3-6 yesterday.. haaa... !! Now trying Goku beta v1.3, smooth and snappy! Heard the battery also very good. Based on speedmod also.

  4. Lets wait for Jelly Bean...should be CM10 coming first.. the bad news is, it don't have S-Pen features...

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  7. How to change the top status bar to blue colour... thanks

    1. Get blue theme from XDA or load custom rom Fusion v2.5. Blue and green theme available.

  8. This version can install rootbox software or not.. please advanced thanks

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