Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Download Area updated. Abyss Kernel 4.2

Why should I have Abyss?
-Developer have declare that with Abyss you are save to load custom ROM.
-Save to clear cache, dalvik and data
-Always keep Abyss inside your external SD card for future flashing

How to load Abyss
1. Inside CWM, load "AbyssNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo.zip"
2. Go to Advanced
3. Reboot Recovery
4. You phone will reboot and your CWM will turn to touch base
5. You are on Abyss now
6. You can start load any ICS custom ROM now.

Download Abyss from our Download Area


  1. Thank u pakcik JJ. Info yg sgt penting dan berharga.

  2. Anonymous3:46 AM

    encik JJ...

    dr.ketan cakap yg CWM.zip dah tak selamat.

    1. yes..guna abyss or notecore kernel plak

  3. running nie dari 4.0.4 ok ke??

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