Friday, July 20, 2012

Galaxy Note CM9 RC2

I'm on CM9 RC2 but it's too complicated for normal user. We have to wait until it's more user friendly for installation.

DXLC1- Gingerbread. To flash CM9 you need to be from GB or using Abyss 4.2. Won't work from ICS

Status bar at the bottom. Tablet mode.

Applications list. No File Explorer. You may download your favourite from Google Play

App in tablet Mode

XDA Developers

 Facebook on Dolphin HD. Seems like bigger reading space

 Facebook native App
Google Currents

-Don't ask about S-Pen. CM9 is a base ROM (AOSP) with NO S-Pen function.
-Screen capture made by pressing Power button. There is a screenshot menu avail
-By default using Trabuchet Launcher
-Super Smooth and Fast just like Jelly Bean


  1. Hi. If im from cm9 rc1, do i have to downgrade to GB first or i just flash cm9 rc2 then wipe cache and dalvik?

    1. just download cm9 rc2, boot to recovery, apply update, boot to system, should automagically wipe cache and dalvik.

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Does video playback works?

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