Friday, July 20, 2012

FusionRom V2.5. Stable, Fast and Cool Jelly Bean Animation

FusionRom V2.5. Stable, Fast and Cool Jelly Bean animation

Android 4.0.4. Notecore V4 (BlueTooth working)..

 Acceptable Quadrant

You need to have Abyss. Safe to flash custom ROM using Abyss. Use advanced Reboot Recovery.

How to install?

1. Charge your phone above 50%. 100% is the best
2. Load AbyssNotekernel42 kernel inside CWM. Now you have safe-kernel
3. Perform all three wipes. Wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache (advanced) & wipe data/factory reset. OR load JBroid
4. Advanced > Reboot Recovery (still inside CWM)
5. Flash the FusionRom v2.5, reboot and enjoy
6. First boot takes some time.

-Wait for the rom to settle down.
-Don't flash it via unsafe ics kernels.

This is what you will get
 Apex Launcher

Remove Advertisement. Adaway...
Awesome Beats. More choice of music type/sound system...Rock, Bass, Jazz, etc..

 ISeeYouLite...imitate S3 SmartStay

ROOTED! Any many more extra useful applications...

You will love it if you see the video... I'm going to make video of it soon..

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  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Salam bro..cmne nk flash rom ni?bleh bg step by step nk buat tk?sebelum tu nk tny..mntp tk rom ni?ade pape lag ke tk?kalu dh flash rom ni kene clear cache dalvik cache n factory reset yg mmg kite install dlm phone ni hilang tk?

    1. Kalau current rom dh root, better back up dlu pakai TB. Kalau stakat apps je jgn risau sbb dlm google akaun ade suma apps yg kita dh pernah install.

      Better clear suma (dlavik / cache / factory reset ) tp kalau tak confiden cukup la sekadar dalvik n cache.

      Btol ke ni bro JJ?

    2. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Lg satu soalan..kalu nk blik semula ke stock rom cmne?bleh trus flash pki odin mobile tk?sbb kn dh clear dalvik n cache tu..

    3. Clear dalvik and cache: OS punya cerita.
      Factory Reset: Data punya cerita

      Kalau main tukar kernel clear dalvik and cache dah cukup atau guna jBroid Script.

      Kalau nak balik ke stock flash aje la guna PC Odin stock firmware. Root semua akan hilang (stock betul)

      Mobile ODIN dia boleh simpan root.

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    How is the battery life of this ROM compared to ICS 4.0.4 Stock Rooted ROM?

    1. Better battery, Smooth (sebab ada Jelly Bean animation) and more friendly (Apex Launcher)

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