Thursday, November 22, 2012

Android 4.1.2 Galaxy Note Jelly Bean XXLSA

Samsung just leaked new firmware for us to test... newer than XXLS7... it's XXLSA. Nov 19 23:28:30 KST 2012

What's new in eybee XXLSA??

  • Modem XXLSA
  • Kernel XXLSA
  • Pre-rooted + new CWM-recovery by kernel
  • Deodexed and zipaligned 
  • Airview in Camera fix
  • All in all much faster and smoother!
  • Toggles in notification bar can be rearranged and additional ones can be added in Display-Settings
  • New menu when plugging in headphone
  • Telephone and Contacts Apps now open much faster then ever before!
  • Scrolling in browser much better and faster
Downloading it and going to test it soon... TQ eybee and XDA Team

Download Philz XXLSA here

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  1. yg nie stable dari XXLS7 ke?..ada beza x? sama ja..

    1. nanti pokcik toray... once complete test will give my opinion if its good for daily usage..

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    can u post a video of this after flashing

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    bro.. nak install samacara dgn xxls7 ke?

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    dh flash.. mantap rom ni..smooth je..

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