Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to install Stable Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXLS7

How to install XXLS7 Stable Version on your Galaxy Note N7000

You need these files in sequence to flash. Stock XXLS7. Minimum apps Philz kernel Fix airview problem Additional apps

How to Install it?


  • You have to be ROOTED ICS-ROM or JB-ROM with CWM Recovery and Brickfree kernel installed (Philz / Speedmod / HydraCore)
  • All your apps and data will be gone! We need fresh phone to jump to Jelly Bean (stable version)
  • If you like to take time troubleshoot your ROM, do not format it and ask a lot of questions in XDA. It's your choice :)

Steps to install stable Jelly Bean 4.1.2
1. Copy ROM to your USB-storage
2. Reboot Recovery (Volume UP+Home+Power Button)
3. Full wipe or Factory Reset
4. Mount and Storage > format/system and format/data and format/preload
5. Flash ROM At the end of the process it will reboot automatically
6. Once reboot completed and you are on Jelly Bean. Just skip and don't have to Login to Google
7. Reboot recovery again
7. Flash (Philz Kernel)
8. If you have Airview problem, flash via recovery

Adding more apps
DO NOT FULL WIPE. clear cache and dalvik should be enough
9. Flash to get most of the missing apps

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  • Update to latest PhilZ-cwm6 - Safe Stock Based Kernel v3.1 for XXLS7. 
  • Download Philz XLS7-XJB-3.1 (JB Leak). It will remove superuser and replace with SuperSu
  • If you are having S-Note problem, in the recovery Mount and Storage > Format/Preload
Continue reading related to Philz here

Continue download Google Apps and Samsung Apps...... happy stable Jelly Bean...


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Ni kalu flash ni sume ape yg dh install dlm phone akan hilang sume ke?masih tk bape phm lg nk flash cmne ni..kurang yakin nk buat..

  2. better hilang semua.....stable version...moving from ICS to JB...clear everything first...format it...

    factory reset
    clear cache
    clear dalvik
    mount and storage>

    note: backup your apps and data...use cloud for easy access.

  3. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Sume proses tu buat kt dlm recovery mode lh kn?

    1. yes. recovery mode with safe kernel such as philz

  4. dah far semua ok...semua boleh

  5. Dah install jua...cuma Polaris Office 4.0 mengalami Force Close...

  6. working productivity tools on SNote?... Good news.
    But then, why other rom on xda (alliance, TMT and other XXLS7) doesn't have it?

  7. does my kernel have to be XXLS7 ? cant i do it from my stock jplpd rooted ics note?

  8. Can I flash this with Hydracore v7?

  9. Wifi dan 3G tiada masalah?

  10. saya dh install jelly bean ni dan masalah pc xboleh detect bile nk backup guna kies..macamana nk buat ye?atau ade software lain utk backup data2 utk simpan dalam pc..