Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Firmware coming soon N7000XXLSP

Coming soon...Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 new firmware GT-N7000XXLSP.

The new firmware will have complete Note 2 functionality on our Galay Note I. With previous XXLSA and XXLSC we have most of it and Samsung developer keep improving it and fixing the force close (FC).

I'm using XXLSA Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock and deodex by eybee since day-1 it's leak. It's good enough for daily usage, smooth like butter and battery saving.

 Smooth Launcher to replace TW. Get it from Google Play

Minimize running services at the background.

  • Download eybee XXLSA here 
  • Download Philz here

I'm happy with the battery life...

If you want to know the screen hours...


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  2. Wow! It is good news for me and other Samsung Galaxy note user.Because New Firmware GT-N7000XXLSP is depend on the Note 2 so user can use it easily.

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