Friday, June 21, 2013


Some of you really concern about battery. Before installing any new custom ROM, the first question you will ask. How's the battery?

How about PA battery? I will show a few battery screens history of mine.

Getting better after a few cycles.... normal usage... fb, twitter, email, tapatalk, taking photo and browse internet. I don't play games :)

More than enough...
 No heavy drain over the night...

Battery life base on your usage and battery age. My advice. DON'T ASK! Just install and compare from your previous ROM. Everybody have diff phone usage.

If you ask gamers. Their battery might stand for 1-2 hours only.
If you ask youtubers. Their battery might stand 4-5 hours.
If you ask normal users. Their battery might stand 6-8 hours.
If you ask flashers. Their battery last forever :) hehehehehe.....

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