Sunday, June 16, 2013


After static for a few months using TW base Custom ROMs due to slow update by Samsung, I'm moving to PA or PARANOIDANDROID v3.60. It's Android 4.2.2 :)

Why PA?
1. It's FAST and reasonable battery life
2. Android 4.2.2
3. PIE
4. Multiple screen modes selection. Phone, Phablet and Tablet.

Enjoy the screens...
Version 3.60. 11 June 2013 released.

Select Advanced Settings
Disable the light... Menu and Back button will not light-up...

I'm using this... We have big screen... it would be nice :)
Customize Navigation Bar. Select Toolbars>Navigation Controls
Customize Navigation Bar...Re-arrange it. Now I have Menu|Recent Apps|Home|Back . iLike it... :)

Better performance...

Just nice battery life...
Getting better after a few cycle....
 Multiple screens mode...
Halo on screen... it's something like Facebook Messenger... Message pop-up when new message/notification coming
Configure HALO...
HALO and Quick Panel on status bar...
The S-Pen or stylus usage not so smooth. Samsung TW base much2 smoother.

Notification Bar...
Quick Panel... It's configurable :)
System Settings>Toolbars>Quick Settings Panel>Tiles and Layout to customize Quick Panel...
Add and Remove it...
Power Menu...
You have screenshot function there... or Vol. down + Power. Hold it until the screen get captured.

Home in Landscape mode...

For better performance load NX-Kernel once you done with PA and GAPPS. You will feel the different.

- How can I get this awesome pie thing to work?
The "nav pie" is actually pretty easy to enable. It´s important that you set your device into expanded desktop mode! Press the power button and click on expanded desktop!
After that go to Settings-> Toolbars and enable "Pie controls" From now on you can swipe up from the button (or any place where you set it to be) to get the pie!
Choose gravity, size and style!

- How can I theme the pie?
Exactly like the nav bar! Go to Hybrid properties and apply individual colors for every app under "Apps" or for all in "Interface"/ global colours

- I can't find developer settings
To activate developer settings, open Settings > About Phone & start tapping the "Build Number" (at the bottom). You'll see a countdown and then a message "You are now a Developer". Go back into settings main list, right above the "About Phone" you'll have "Developer Options".
You need to tap "Build number" 4 times :)

- How can i get rid of the navigation bar?
To make the navigation bar disappear, go into hybrid properties & put "Navigation bar size" toggle to 0%
 System Settings>Hybrid Properties
 Click there... Hope you find this...
Then set it to zero.

- How can i change the dpi of the lockscreen?
Lock screen dpi/size toggle is right below the navigation bar size toggle

- How can i make a screenshot?
Vol. down + Power. Hold it until the screen get captured.
Power Menu screenshot.

- How do i activate UMS?
With the app Usb Switcher

- How can i get PIE + statusbar?
Turn navbar height to 0 and activate PIE and you're done.

- Can i have a battery percent? Can i have toggles in the statusbar?
Check Circle Battery.

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  1. bro, kalau dari live note 5.2, just terus flash PA ngan gapps boleh ke? and just in case kalau x berkenan ngan PA, mcm mana nak balik ke TW rom?tq..

    1. make sure backup dulu...dlm cwm ada backup..

      kalau tak best, masuk recovery restore balik.

  2. factory format, clear cache and dalvik atau pilih nak install new rom.

    install pa + gapps.

    dah masuk dalam....reboot recovery lagi...
    factory reset.. install pa+gapps sekali lagi..

    baru betul2 clean punyo

    1. orait bro... TQ.. dah flash.. tapi mcm slow sket lah.. huhu.. x flash lg nx kernel..

    2. Flash NX baru terasa kelajuannya...

  3. bro, kurang berpuas hati dengan PA, i just restore balik using recovery tapi stuck kat bootloop.. dah try clear cache ngan dalvik cache tapi still sangkut gak.. boleh terus flash custom TW rom yg lain?

    1. Bagi dia cool down la..2 ke 3 hari...
      Boleh flash zip yg hal..

      Kalau nak betul2 clean:
      1. Selalunya saya guna yg odin desktop dan masuk download mode. Flash stock firmware
      2. Lepas tu root guna philz
      3. Masuk recovery flash custom firmware.

      Ko kena ada complete set la download siap2. Kalau nak LT4, kena ada stock LT4, philz LT4, custom rom LT4.

      Selamat ketagih flash :)

    2. Hehe.dah flash balik guna stock. Then root balik guna philz now try custon tw yg lain.maybe dah terbiasa ngan TW so PA rasa mcm kekok sket..huhu.btw kalau nak pie kat TW pon boleh, just flash LMT.. tq bro..

    3. Saya miss S-PEN features.... hanya TW terbaik handle S-PEN. Yang lain tak berapa sebab tak semua device ada s-pen.

  4. How to disable auto rotate & USB mass storage in this ROM bro.

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