Thursday, September 05, 2013

S4 Keyboard for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Are you looking for Galaxy S4 keyboard that could run on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000?

Download it here

What should I do?
1. You need to be ROOTed and need an app like Root Explorer
2. Click on Mount R/W to R/O

3. Rename you original APK SamsungIME.apk to
4. Copy the S4 keyboard SamsungIME.apk to /system/app or /preload/symlink/system/app
(Depend on your ROM. I'm using Sweet ROM V10. Copied to preload)
5. Set correct permission as rw-r--r--

6. Reboot. DONE!

You should have this

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  1. very very nice thankssss :D :D :D

  2. Not found in my galaxy Note i717. Can you up again te apk please?

    1. Done. update the link. My dropbox have sharing problem. Too many access.