Friday, September 13, 2013

Installing GT N7000XXLTA

Testing latest Samsung Firmware N7000XXLTA

If you would like to install it.
1. Download PC ODIN 1.85 here and download the N7000XXLTA firmware here

2. Run PC Odin on your desktop and add the "N7000XXLTA_N7000BOLT1_N7000DTMLT5_HOME.tar.md5" into PDA input box.

3. Click [Start] to install new firmware.


It's NO WIPE. All apps intact but ROOT removed.

Get Philz to root your phone here. Download it and copy it into your external SD Card to flash via Samsung Recovery.

How to go to Samsung Recovery?
1. Power Off  your phone
2. Press Home+Volumne UP+Power Button and hold until its boot to recovery.

You should have something like this to update from SD Card.


  1. brother, i need you favour in choosing the correct kernel for my GN1. This is my first time rooting. The following is the link of my rom

    Macam mana nak pilih kernel yang sesuai. boleh suggest tak bro. memang nak root urgently

    1. Since you current firmware is XXLT4... you need to download this XXLT4 philz.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. thank you very much brother Jamain Johari ;) Appreciate your help alot

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