Thursday, January 09, 2014

Installing OmniROM 4.4 for GT-N7000

After more than a month using stock XXLT9 + Philz + Xposed framework, I had decided to install OMNI ROM after good review from friends that it's stable enough for daily usage.

How to make SCREENSHOTS in OMNI?
1. Press Volume DOWN + POWER Button + Hold for 1 second. DONE! OR
2. Press Power Button. You need to enable it in system setting.

Android KitKat 4.4.2 for GT-N7000

Add Screenshot menu selection.

Press Power button. Screenshot menu avail.

Default Home

Default Home-Group

Auto Update Apps. Since I select the options to restore from Google Backup

NIGHTLY Auto Detect Software Update. You will have the option to FLASH or NOT. No worry.

OpenDelta is responsible for checking new update/patches and download. Make sure it's keep running....

 Click to Flash

Download Nightly update on WIFI only! Else it will kill your bandwidth.

Would like to read OMNI change log? Read here

Attention! After flash NIGHTLY you will loose ROOT. What should I do?
Install SuperSu backup Script. SuperSu Added option to install add-on backup script in order to survive nightly update flashes.

 Run SuperSU. Click OK

ROOT will survive nightly update.
Good and responsive stylus but you can't make screen shots with it. NO PROBLEM running Samsung XXLT9 stock Photo Editor.

Download Photo-editor APK here

 It would be good if Long Press stylus will make screen capture. Just like Samsung Stock :)

Set you stylus...Galaxy Note user.
Show icon when using stylus will show a mouse pointer. Personally I don't like it. So, I don't check it.

Active Display. Cool feature. During lock screen, you could see message coming in the centre of screen. Very useful during lunch/dinner time. Just left you phone facing will see how nice it is.

Swipe DOWN Top right screen to Show toggles.

I want it FAST! Just OFF the animation in Developer Options.

How to get developer options on OMNI? Keep pressing Build Number a few times... automatically you will be a DEVELOPER :) . I'm already a developer for more than 15 years... hehehehehe

Specific folder for photo edited using Samsung Photo Editor.

Omni Toggles avail selections. You are able to re-arrange it by clicking the Pen icon on top first to go to edit mode. Then, Press icon to re-arrange and drag it to you selection place.

But you are not able to add or remove icons in toggles.

The good thing is you can HIDE it.

Download these files for you to upgrade from anywhere. 

1. Philz Touch for CM-11 here. If you are not sure that your current CWM able to flash OMNI, just flash Philz for CM-11. Reboot Recovery.
2. NIGHTLY build for OMNI here
3. Google Apps here
4. Download SuperSU v1.86 here. If you lost your ROOT. Flash this in recovery.
Don't forget to install SuperSU Backup Script to survive NIGHTLY update loosing root.
How to install? I like to use this procedure. Click here

Once I found new things, I will update it here or create new post.... keep on coming...
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  1. Thanks for your very usefull post !

  2. Hi there, I flashed the latest omni rom on 03/13/2014 with gapps, everything seems to be working fine ( i understand bugs will be there) but what I need to know is do I need to keep updating GAPPS and supersu(current version 1.55) in order to recieve the updates?? what happens If i dont update supersu at all?? I personally dont like updating supersu very often (ROM updates happens automatically, so thats fine) Or should just go back to stable cynogenmod?? Please suggest

  3. Hi Arvind , it is not necessary to update GAPPS or supersu. You will not lose your root as long as backup script is installed.

  4. Hi Arvind , it is not necessary to update GAPPS or supersu. You will not lose your root as long as backup script is installed.


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