Friday, May 18, 2012

Galaxy Note N7000ZSLPF ICS 4.0.3 Performance

Most important thing is STABLE, ACCEPTABLE PERFORMANCE and complete GNOTE Features!

I'm back to my favorites home screens. 

Removed all the default widgets and home screens. Some widget run at the background to get update and effect your note performance.

Basically ICS 4.0.3 HongKong/Taiwan version you will feel smooth and stable.

Quite small number in Quadrant compare to Germany ICS. This is Power Saving Mode

Antutu benchmark.
Acceptable FREE RAM..Don't worry. ICS use the RAM for better apps loading.

 If you wonder what's language available. Here it is. Default would be Chinese.

Good battery performance. Look at the Awake. Reduce to minimum. You should look at this if you want a good battery life. If you use custom rom, look at the Awake interval as well. Frequent Awake, means you will drain your battery fast.

More battery result. Leaving my phone overnight, you will loose 3-5 % battery only.

Application running at the background and sync setting

FREEZE some un-wanted Samsung apps.

List of application SAVE to remove/freeze. Click here

No call recording

Standard ICS Task Manager

NO Force Close so far!


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Bro, in your first screenshot..the Calendar event list is using widget? Whats the name, may I know?

    1. Smooth Calendar. Get it from Google Play. FREE

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      TQ bro!

  2. hi
    i cant connect to Wi-Fi afer install the patch.
    before it was working

  3. Video call not working very well

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Anyone got random pixel running across the screen when pressing home button to wake up the Note? I got one with LPY and another with LPF... all stock rooted kernel (no CF-Root).

  5. I hv no problem (LPF+Root. NO CF-Root).

    This what called Pixel Salad bugs in Franco Kernel. but this happen on GB only.

  6. nak tanya...ape beza LPF+root dan CF-root?sory xreti sgt

    1. LPF+Root= LPF + Inject BusyBox

      CF-Root= Inject busybox + CWM. But with CF-Root you might have problem with your WIFI.

  7. bro, nak tanya, mula2 hari tu pakai xxlpy, lepastu xxlpf..knp masa pakai lpy battery aku tahan byk...kalau aku cabut dr cas pukul 9 pagi, tghari ade 80% lg..skrg pakai lpf, tghri da tggl 60% je..tanpa mmg lpf batery xtahan?lagi 1, aku bila da rasa batery lpy mcm ok, ingat nak flash lpy balek, tp aku bace certain blog, ade yg warning jgn update lpy sbb ade bug yg berkaitan emmc yg boleh brick phone..yea ke?

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Haah..LPF mmg mkn bateri siot..

  8. Bro try buat review psl LQ2 UK version... Ak dah try 2 lg stable... Battery tahan lama.. Dlm ade... Tp masalah nye die pkai cfroot yg akan show yellow triangle nnt..

  9. Pakcik jj Galaxy Note N7000ZSLPF boleh support rootbox tak.ingin sangat nak try. Please advanced.. thanks