Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Back to DarkyROM. [v10.1] Fast. Sleek. Beautiful.

Flash my SGS again :) . After a week of using MIUI.

Previously using DarkyROM RE but now I'm using DarkyROM EE. You may download it here

Uninstall MIUI due to limit of application installed. No Google MAP..I can't believe it..

Added Pure Black theme on top of my new DarkyROM EE. It's run smoothly and so far no bugs or hang or force close...

White glow scrolling..pure black background for battery saving..

If you have front facing camera...download and install these.
1. Stock Camera (Flash using recovery mode)
2. Power Shutter (Use power button to take photo)

Install stock camera first then power shutter...

Sambil tu sedang usha yang ni.... Ultralite

V3.0 Lite is ready for primetime, its meant to be a base rom, for you to add whatever you like, name it more lockscreens or sgsii social hub, readers hub, music hub, etc etc
Rock solid + Excellent battery life!

- JVH Based
- Ficeto's Dark Core 2.4 Kernel
- JVO Modem
- Solid base ROM (You can add whatever you want!)
- BLN enabled
- Voodoo Sound v8
- SGSII icons
- Battery and wifi meters turn from gray to green on connection
- Touchwiz 3 + GB Launcher (for speed+battery life+stability)
- New base font
- Swype + samsung kb
- Maps 5.4.0
- Adobe Flash 10.3
- Fasterfix + GPS aids for better GPS accuracy
- Unlimited tabs in browser
- MIUI Music
- Front cam working
- A few useful apps

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