Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Darky ROM JVQ 2.3.4 DEODEXED BASE ROM and Darkcore 2.9 available

Darky ROM JVQ 2.3.4 DEODEXED BASE ROM available for download. No Browser lag thanks to ykk_five for JVQ Browser Fix.

Download here

How to install it:
Leave lagfix ON or turn it ON (on a DC kernel) prior to flashing this release! If you disable lagfix, you'll get a failed boot!

If you get into that position:
  1.     Use 3 buttons (home+power+volume up) to enter recovery
  2.     Enable lagfix in voodoo menu
  3.     Reboot and wait until lagfix is applied
  4.     Reboot back into recovery
  5.     Flash this release.
  6.     DONE

JVQ REQUIRES WIPE (Factory RESET)! Or you will have Browser and probably other issues ;)

JVQ with DC 2.9 GOOOD batterylife.Running for more then 48 hours and still have about 65% left

Dark Core 2.9 JVQ I9000: Download here

Changelog 2.9:
Updated VoodooSound to v10
Enabled custom bootanimations

How to install DarkCore 2.9.
  1. Download superuser from market
  2. Download SGS Kernel Flasher
  3. Run SGS Kernel Flasher as select DarkCore_2.9_JVQ.tar
  4. Flash it.
  5. DONE
I don't like plain JVQ....aaaaargh...ichy hand to flash theme later.... :)
I would like to have battery percentage on the status bar


    1. Anonymous6:07 AM

      i have just installed the dark core 2.9 jvq on my sgs that is using jvh and i have encountered no problem would it be recomended to flash jvq?

    2. if you are addicted to rom flashing, ok la...else stick to JVH.. darkyrom v10.1 EE/RE

      JVQ most stable version currently is gingerreal. check my post.

    3. Anonymous9:56 PM

      hi. how about if my galaxy s is 2.3.4 xxjvr stock rom can i flash the darkycore to my phone??

      please reply. tnx in advance imma noob in flashing roms.

    4. Yes. Darkcore is just a kernel. make sure get the right darkcore version. Look for darkcore version for JVR.

      Installing Darkcore will not flash your apps and data.