Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to install MIUI 1.7.15

Flashing my phone again via CWM with MIUI 1.7.15 US version. But still no Google maps application.

1. You need to be in Gingerbread version
2. Nandroid backup before flashing it :)


Download ZIP file here
Look for your phone model. SGS I9000 user download here

How to install
From GingerReal v8.0 Master Edition JVQ

1. Reboot recovery
2. WIPE Dalvik, Delete Cache, Factory Reset, Reset battery Stats (the best you have your battery 100%)
3. Select MIUI ZIP file and Install it.
4. Good luck :)

Detail link

If you have problem connecting WIFI using your MIUI 1.7.15. Make sure channel selected same as your router channel setup.I have my UNIFI channel setup to 13.
Not bad quadrant
powertool at the bottom and message on top... :)

A lot of setting screens

Default home screen...replace clock with smooth calendar :)


  1. MIUI vs CM7. which one do you prefer?

  2. I prefer miui for its performance and nice gui. Focus to phone usage...