Sunday, July 17, 2011

UPDATE. GingerReal - V8.0 Master Edition - GR-kitchen (JVQ 2.3.4)

UPDATE. GingerReal - V8.0 Master Edition - GR-kitchen

Note: New update. GingerReal continue with version 7.1.4 (Can't find info related to GingerReal v8.0)

Installation steps detail here
You can follow the steps above or wait for my summary and confirmation :)

My Summary:

1. Update your GingerReal with CWM.
Download GingerReal MasterEdition 8.0 here
Boot recovery and select ZIP file to update GingerReal

NEW Semaphore V1.3.2 from previous Semaphore V1.3.0
**Your phone will be WIPED. Need to download and re-install apps.
**The best save your current APK using FileExpert or ASTRO and place your backup APK inside the 3rd party application folder (see below for apps to install below)

2.  To customize your GingerReal, use this kitchen (for you that love to flash and know how!)

GR Kitchen. Download here

Customization and it's folder name: 

3rd Party App:

Do nothing to upgrade straight to version 8.0 without customization of your own. Install default.
Don't forget to backup (inside recovery) before flashing new update

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