Monday, July 25, 2011

GingerReal V7.1.4 Semaphore JVQ 1.3.3 screens

GingerReal V7.1.4 Semaphore JVQ 1.3.3  screens. Installation check previous screen

Nitrality. Add or remove APK
Pimp My CPU: Overclock to 1200Mhz
ext4: Convert to ext4 file system (Lagfix)
EDT Tweaks: Change lock screen (10 lock screen available)
 Dolphin browser HD: Replace default browser for faster loading
Gtasks: Save you note and task to gMail
 SMSBackup: save your SMS to gMail
 GingerReal v7.1.4 with Semaphore JVQ 1.3.3
 1st screen: smooth calendar. Load from gMail calendar (Remove MyCalendar in the setting)
 2nd Screen
Black dialer.
 Old market..Faster than new market....

Kenapa? Tak percaya ke? hehehehehehe

Download link. Check out previous post.


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