Saturday, July 16, 2011

GingerReal 7.1.3 JVQ 2.3.4

GingerReal 7.1.3 JVQ 2.3.4

 Just follow the instruction on the link above. Thing to remember:
3. RE-PARTITION checked at ODIN for stock JVQ
4. HOME+POWER+VOLUME UP: Load recovery mode
5. After boot convert to ext4 with the ext4 tool
6. Remove SIM card and external SD Card
7. DO NOT run arabic patch if you are not using Arabic keyboard.
8. DO NOT use 4-tab/MIUI lock. Might softboot your phone. Once you are in change it using EDT Tweaks

Really fast and stable...look at my phone screen...

EXT4 to convert your file system to faster version (Lag Fix).
GingerReal Updater: simple build in ROM Manager for GingerReal..

Your phone CPU set to 1200Mhz maximum. It's overclock. No wonder it's faster than Darky

The BAD NEWS is, the developer STOP development of GingerReal. He got SGS II :( 
Someone with SGS going to continue the development :)

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