Saturday, September 03, 2011

How to install DarkyROM JVR 10.3

DarkyROM JVR 10.3 available for download.

Changelog 10.3 Final:
  1. Talk2
  2. Non-increasing ringtone
  3. SMS/MMS hack
  4. Camera hack
  5. Brightness hack (need some more support from the kernel)
  6. Finished theme
  7. SGS2 Icons
  8. Added darky sounds

Download here

Note: My current ROM is DarkyROM XXJVR BASE R4

How to install
1. Copy "" into your SD Card "/mnt/sdcard"
2. Run DarkyROM Tool (check out what to install). Select Flash/Install File from SDCARD

3. Sit back and relax. DONE

Note: It will wipe dalvik and cache. So first loading will take longer time. Be patient or put power cable on and go to sleep :)

This is what you will get
 DarkyROM JVR 10.3
 New Videos Icon
New Email and Gallery Icon.

  1. Arabic font back to stock version. Disconnected Arabic font.

Check out the Arabic font either in browser or Facebook for android. It's disconnected.

This will fix the Arabic font issue (tested working with no problem). Click here

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