Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to install DarkyROM JVS 2.3.5

How to install DarkyROM JVS 2.3.5

Step 1
Do all the steps from this page. This will install I9000XXJVS Stock to your phone

Step 2
Install DarkCore on top of stock I9000XXJVS. Follow this page
You should have rooted JVS and Lagfix ON. Ready to flash DarkyROM

Step 3
This will install DarkyROM JVS 2.3.5
1. Continue download DarkyROM ""
2. Copy it into your SD Card
3. Run DarkyROM tool (You may download from Android Market or click here)

4. Flash/Install file from SDCARD. Select "" from your SD CARD
5. System will auto restart and install selected ZIP file.

You should have this. 2.3.5 with DarkCore 4.0
The green icons and others:
  • Themed like any other DarkyROM
  • Root, busybox so on...
  • Extended Power Menu
  • Over scroll Glow
  • Stock Lock screen
  • CRT-Off lock animation
NFC Tapping. Have you seen this before?

Note: First time boot will take longer time. Please wait 5-10 minutes.

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  1. dengo citernye ada masalah waifai lg pokcik,betoi ker?

  2. pokcik ok problem with wifi..

  3. yg ni paling best n stabil ke pokcik?so far xde problem apa2? mat nk upgrade wekend ni :)

  4. Yes. paling stabil. dia paling cepat dapat jvs version

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Installing, feel good in the sense of GUI but lack in speed

  6. agree. currently i had move to stock jvs+ semaphore+ blue theme..

  7. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I'm already waiting from over one hour for the first boot...Any ideas ?

  8. remove battery...boot recovery...clear cache/data/dalvik... it might help.

    else..just install stock again.

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