Thursday, September 01, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.3" and 7.7". Which one you prefer?

Samsung is going to sell two different screen sizes of phone/tablet. 5.3 inches and 7.7 inches..

Galaxy Note 5.3". Gingerbread 2.3. should be able to upgrade to Ice Cream..

Galaxy Tab 7.7". Honeycomb 3.2... WOW!

One feature that I don't understand and would like to test out. Receiver Mode. Is it mean that you could talk to your tablet without people listening to your conversation?

Voice and Video Support for Better Communication
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 offers both voice and video calls for better communication. There is no need to bring a headset and BT for voice calls. In addition, it is possible to call privately in public places with Receiver Mode.

Waiting this to come to Malaysia.

Video Break Click here for detail

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