Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Install JVS stock (2.3.5) and Semaphore 1.7.0bm

After 2 weeks of using DarkyROM v10.2.2 stable version, but what I had facing is not really stable.

What happened to me:
  • Force close on Samsung app
  • Camera freeze
  • Lock screen freeze
  • Slow response. You have to touch a few time to execute button
  • Phone hang (received phone call while reading email)
I had decided to to try JVS (2.3.5) stock version and Semaphore 1.7.0bm (big memory). Previously I'm using JVS Stock and DarkCore 4.0 with no problem. I think JVS stock should be stable as well..good bye nice theme..I'm going for performance and stability..What I need is just battery percentage...

How to install JVS Stock click here

How to install Semaphore 1.7.0bm?
1. Download Semaphore for JVS
2. Run ODIN
3. Select Semaphore file as PDA
4. Click Start. sit back and relax :)

  • You must be in Download mode to do this. Run ODIN before connected USB to SGS phone.
  • Kill ALL KIES process from task manager

This is what you will get.
 ROOTED with Superuser installed:)

Lagfix not enabled..can't see the ext4 entry inside Voodoo app.

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  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Dear Jamain Johari,
    what is different btw Semaphore JVS 1.7.0 (1.7.0bm) and Semaphore JVS 1.7.0 (1.7.0)only?
    what i know is 'bm' stand for big memory...why should you prefer big memory?

  2. Big Memory. More stable.

    Bigmem kernel versions, are allowed to use less memory for video recording. (To distinguish the user more ram). Will waive or 720p video recording, or will have to install the normal version. The choice is yours.

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