Sunday, September 11, 2011

I9000XXJVS (Android 2.3.5) Screen Shot after rooted

Application list after I9000XXJVS rooted using DarkCore

Superuser, APN Manager and ShootMe newly installed after rooted.

Note: APN Manager required to restore you local mobile provider APN setting. You may use it to backup your current APN setting before flashing it and save to your desktop for future use.

 APN setting gone after flashing stock 2.3.5
Restore using APN Manager. If you are from Maxi$. Download APN backup file here. Create a folder name "ApnManager" and copy the file into your SD Card
After restore, you should have all the setting above.

DarkCore 4.0_JVS, by default will set your Ext4 Lagfix active/ON


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