Monday, September 19, 2011

How to install stable DarkyROM v10.2.2 Final

If you are tired of using custom ROM that is not stable, a few force close, lag, etc..why not try DarkyROM Stable Release v10.2.2

Changelog v10.2.2 Final
- Based on XXJVQ Firmware, v10.2 Extreme Edition
- Updated Dark Core Kernel to 2.9.3
- Included "BLN" (Back Light Notification App) and "Voodoo Sound" App
- Recompiled Browser for much more speed and stability
- Fixed SMS timestamps (order of conversations)
- RAM Management has been changed drastically.
- TouchWiz 3 stable version
- Updated the DarkyROM Tool to the newest Version
- Made the 3D Gingerbread Launcher the default launcher and increased stability
- Updated Installation Procedure which minimizes errors & bugs with SuperUser & other Apps
- Replaced Google Talk with Google Talk 2 with working Audio
- Updated some library content (more stability)
- Removed custom "DarkyROM" Bootsound
- Everyone has the old Market (which is faster) now
- More small stability & speed tweaks
- Fixed BLN (Backlight Notification)
- Fixed Lags / Slowdowns for apps using the accelerometer (games etc.)

You may ask yourself "Why JVQ and not JVR or JVS?" - the answer is simple:
Developer decided to improve an already existing ROM (v10.2) and that results in a more stable ROM than brand new firmwares (JVS).

How to install?

Note: Before performing any of the following steps, check if ALL your lagfixes are active/ON. If this is not the case, activate them in recovery (voodoo options), or in the voodoo control app.

1. You need to go back to July version. Install DarkyROM v10.2 RE
2. Download and copy it into your Internal SD Card
3. Download DarkyROM Tool. Select application to install
  • Ad-Hoc Driver is known to break WiFi for some people, so it is recommended to un-tick it.
  • Wipe is optional and completely up to you!

4. Select Flash/Install File from SDCARD. Select ""

5. DONE. Sit back and relax

Note: First time boot will take longer time. Be patient

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  1. klau skang JVR, kena turun ke JVQ dulu ke?

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    bro bole x share zip file ni kt cni stable darkyROM multiupload kurang mantap la..hang memanjang on da way..

  3. Hello I'm currently on jvr (running on Amestri Rom), and I'm wondering is it viable to revert to jvq just to be on this stable darky rom? Do you recommend it? Thanks!

  4. If your current ROM keep hanging or force close. It's recommended to flash to DarkyROM.

    I'm using Stock JVS + Semaphore 1.7.5 + BlueTheme. The best so far :)

  5. if i install ad hoc driver can i uninstall if it breaks my wifi....

  6. I had never tried to install ad-hoc driver since i'm not using it and it's been advice by ficeto(kernel owner) as well.

    I dont think you can un-install (it's not an apps that can be viewed inside nitrality)

    Best practice is,backup before flash..anything wrong restore to previous state and install without ad-hoc driver.

  7. sir can i do darky rom to my htc wildfier

    1. sir my cell phone is cracked and is on cyanogen mod rom guide me


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