Friday, September 09, 2011

Don't worry be SCARY. by Max$i$

Do you know that you will be charged to the maximum by Maxi$ if you exceed the quota limit?? This is what happen to my two accounts.

 Can you pay, if they charged you like this??

72MB exceed. Need to pay RM250. Too much!!!

This is all happen due to using smartphone in the area where's no WiFi. Your smartphone will use 3G for data access..... so, do you need to worry and SCARY???

Digi exceed limit FAQs. Click here and click on FAQs

Q10 What happens if I exceed the usage limit?
A10 The speed after exceeding the usage limit will be throttled down.  
However, you won't be charged for your additional usage.

Note: This is my personal observation and opinion. I'm not being paid by DiGi :)

Edit 20-09-2011: Maxis going to waive RM250 in my next bill. Can't believe it.... smiley :)

Do you think Malaysia government plan for broadband will be success??


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    turn off the data in setting mobile network ,mate...else u will get headache to pay up bills..else u can apply for data celcom RM18 per week...

  2. yes. tq. I have done it. make sure turn off data when you going somewhere where possibility of hard to get wifi... depend on 3G for complete 10days will be your disaster.. (500MB data user like me)