Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Galaxy Note on 17 November

KOREAN GADGET MAKER Samsung will launch its Galaxy Note on 17 November. Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note last month at the IFA show in Berlin. It looks at the device as "a new category" with its 5.3in HD Super AMOLED display with 800x1280 resolution. The way we look at it, the Note is either a small tablet or a large smartphone.

The Galaxy Note has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and HSPA+, runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and could cost as much as £600 SIM free. It will also have an 8MP camera, a 2MP front facing webcam and a 'Smart Pen' stylus for control and on-screen scribbling. The device will have 16GB of onboard storage that can be expanded via the microSD card slot. It will be 9.65mm thick and weigh 178g.

Simon Stanford, MD of mobile for Samsung UK and Ireland said, "The Galaxy Note is a great example of Samsung's passion for innovation by bringing to market a brand new category of mobile products. It is our fastest handset to date and brings together all the benefits of our award-winning smartphone technology and services."

This is what I'm looking for. Save my money. I don't have to buy phone and tablet. Just get this one for both purpose on it's best resolution and processor.

Conversion from GBP600 = RM2988.88. It's a notebook...hope will get some subsidized from telco.

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  1. A lot of people are complaining about the phones getting too big. Most are those that recently got the SGS 2 - saying that they wouldn't want a bigger screen.

    Some people with the SGS are saying they don't want a phone bigger than the 4" of the galaxy.

    Me personally [I have a SGS] i would be more than happy with the size of this BEAUTY - my contract will be half way through in Jan - so i will try to wangle an upgrade - hopefully the price will have come down by then and i won't have to shell out more than £150 deposit.

    Size DOES matter :--0 for the best experience watching videos and playing games and surfing etc.


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